PokerPool 3

The series of erotic games that unites other two type of games (and striptease ofcourse) is back with fresh episoe. This time you will be playing Poker and Pool in exactly the identical time - and all just to make this hottie to get nude in front of you! The principles are not as tough to get. There will be billiard balls on the desk marked as cards. Simply hit the red ball so it contact as several other chunks as possible (well, actually will be counted just five balls but in case if you'll strike less then five then you will loose the round) - all of them will eventually form your hand for this around. So does your sexy opponent. When you get your mixtures there are poker rules that will define who will win - that the player with greater poker mix ofcourse! Each time you win you get striptease video clip with erotic model that is actual!

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