Elana Champion of Lust Beta Chapter 1(updated 07/06/2017)

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IMPORTANT: The game has to be played with all the newest update of Adobe flash player (you can get it here:https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer) and normally works nicer with Google Chrome. If it does not flow make right click with the mouse and choose"drama". UPDATED 07/06/17 Last version of chapter 1! Well... almost closing, we'll only upload another version to bring the credits, then fix a few typos and if required fix an occasional bug. Upgrades: · Added two occasions at the academy. · Additional 10 pictures and 1 cartoon at the academy. · Added 1 pic in the woods. · Added six images in the homes. · Added 7 photos in the castle. · Added ten pictures at the church. · Added 1 photograph in the tanks. · Additional trio images in the square (and a few placed where they belong as a couple of them were lost. · Additional 9 pictures during night: 4 at the shore, four at the market and 1 at the square. · Adjusted issue of Alphara and Omegara. · Fixed bug in the castle doorway. · Fixed bug using all the sound which fixes several potential bugs. · Texts revised together with acts of the minigames, pop-ups, fight... If you want to help people develop the game, it is possible to support us Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/elanachampionoflust Music by: www.audionautix.com Erotic music by: www.listentopo.com

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